Dentures in Anchorage

Are you looking for Dentures in Anchorage? We are a family friendly owned dental and denture clinic in Anchorage, Alaska. We offer multiple services for those in need of dentures, partial dentures, repairs, dental implants and even cosmetic dentistry.

We Offer Free Consultations – (Comes With X-Rays & Office Visit! $225 Value)

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Our Anchorage Dentures Services Include:

We take pride in our full service denture practice and offer all of these services under one roof. No need to travel to different locations and in most cases we can get you in and out within one day. Some services require multiple visits such as our dental implants procedures. With our initial consultation with you, you will leave our office knowing exactly what to expect with cost and time-to-completion. We are always here to answer your questions.

McKinley Dental has been serving Anchorage Alaska for over 25 years.

Today the denture practice serves thousands of area residences as well as those who live in the bush communities surrounding the state of Alaska. Our goal is to make finding affordable dentures possible for anyone inside of Alaska. Many of our patients schedule their visits when they know they will be flying into Anchorage. Our denture practice works hard at keep to a strict schedule because we know many of our patients live in areas where they need to fly or travel long distances.

For those in the area we can easily setup a free consultation on any denture work you need, so you have nothing to lose by visiting us! We can also work with your schedule if you are coming to us from one of the many bush communities in our great state.

If you need dentures in Anchorage give us a call today to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors. We offer financing options. We also accept most forms of insurances including Medicaid.

Call at (907) 341-4009 if you have questions!